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Book Chapter(s)

  1. Thabo Ditsele. 2022. Locating Sepitori in relation to South Africa’s youth language practices: An overview. In: Groff, C. et al. (eds). Global perspectives on youth language practices. Berlin: De Gruyter, pp 105–120.

Journal Articles

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Conference Proceedings

  1. Thabo Ditsele. 2014. Sepitori: A Pretoria mixed language that could be used to revive interest in two BSALs in South Africa. Proceedings of Airlangga University International Conference on Linguistics. Surabaya, Indonesia: Airlangga University: 123-127.

Media Publications

  1. Thabo Ditsele. 2009. Suburban schools don’t care about African tongues. The Sunday Times, 20 September 2009.
  2. Thabo Ditsele. 2012. Sepitori: The language of Tshwane. Folio Translations’ website, 11th edition, November 2012.
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  5. Thabo Ditsele. 2022. Lack of equity and over-emphasis on isiZulu hampers further development of other African languages. Daily Maverick, 6 October 2022.
  6. Thabo Ditsele. 2022. It was a tongue-in-cheek, so why the anger over Charlize Theron’s comments. News24, 21 November 2022.
  7. Thabo Ditsele & Gilbert Motsaathebe. 2023. Of titles and honour. Daily Maverick. 12 January. 
  8. Phumla Mkize. 2023. Parents decry lack of options as pupils struggle with Afrikaans. Sunday World. 19 February (Thabo Ditsele was a contributing writer to the the article.) 

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