My Reviews & External Examinations

Reviewer for these Academic Journals

  1. Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies, South Africa (since 2013)
  2. Nordic Journal of African Studies, Finland (since 2015)
  3. South African Journal of African Languages, South Africa (since 2016)
  4. Literator, South Africa (since 2017)
  5. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, USA (since 2019)
  6. Language Matters: Studies in the languages of Africa, South Africa (since 2019)
  7. Linguistics Vanguard, Germany (since 2019)
  8. The Journal for Transdisciplinary Research in Southern Africa, South Africa (since 2020)
  9. Journal for Language Teaching, South Africa (since 2020)
  10. Stellenbosch Papers in Linguistics Plus, South Africa (since 2020)
  11. Arusha Working Papers in African Linguistics, USA (since 2021)
  12. Indilinga: African Journal of Indigenous Knowledge Systems, South Africa (since 2021)
  13. Multilingual Margins: A journal of multilingualism from the periphery, South Africa (since 2022)

Reviewed these Projects

  1. ‘Grant Proposals’ for the National Research Foundation (since 2015)
  2. ‘Promotion of an Associate Professor to a Full Professor’ at North-West University (in 2015)
  3. ‘Book Chapter’ for a book titled: The Oxford Guide to the Bantu Languages (in 2017)
  4. ‘Abstracts’ for the 20th International Congress of Linguists (ICL20) (in 2018)
  5. ‘Applications for Researcher Rating’ for the National Research Foundation (since 2018)
  6. ‘Conference Proceedings Articles’ for the 49th Association of Contemporary African Linguistics (in 2019)
  7. ‘Abstracts’ for the 51st Association of Contemporary African Linguistics (in 2020)

Examined Dissertations and Theses for these Universities

University of Cape Town2014M.A.: African Languages and Literatures
2015M Phil: Justice and Transformation
2016M.A.: African Languages and Literatures
2016PhD: Linguistic Anthropology
2017M.Ed.: Applied Languages and Literature Studies
2017M.A.: Linguistics
University of the Witwatersrand2016M.A.: African Languages and Linguistics
2019M.A.: Linguistics
2020PhD: Linguistics
Stellenbosch University2018M.A.: General Linguistics
North-West University2015M.A.: Setswana
2019M.A.: Comparative African Languages and Literature
2019PhD: Setswana
2022MA: Setswana
University of South Africa2015M.A.: TESOL
2022PhD: English Studies
University of the Western Cape2021PhD: Linguistics
2022MA: Linguistics
2023MA: Linguistics
University of KwaZulu-Natal2021PhD: Linguistics

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